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Air Cargo is dependent on speed, costs and faith in an efficient logistics partner. Temperature sensitive drugs have to be shipped overseas, electronics parts to Far East and spare parts around the world. Whether you will send out sample packages to potential buyers, ship objects of art or bring components to production facilities: time and distance are the most important coordinates for a strong partner. Furthermore we will manage all customs formalities for you. we take it personally in Air Cargo - this means not to lose sight of your shipment at any time.

Payload cargo in Dubai is operating with a full range of air-logistics solutions. We develop a comprehensive Tailor made air logistics solutions to meet our customer needs. Our Airfreight services include

  • International Freight forwarding
  • Consolidation
  • Pick and pack, warehousing and distribution
  • Worldwide door to door
  • Full air charter services.
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • AVI handling
  • HUM handling
  • Fair ,Exhibition and event logistics handling
  • AOG handling
  • Perishable and temperature controlled
  • Shipment handling.
  • Oversized and heavy shipment handling.
  • Special cargo Handling Fine arts shipments handling.